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Villa Vinka

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Miljenka Demel
Email: galeot@galeot.hr
Gsm: +385992022104
Ružičnjak 7
HR - 10000 Zagreb
Ivana Gundulića 44
HR - 21322 Brela


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How to get to Vila Vinka once you are in Brela:
Driving instructions: The usual way is by motorway from Zagreb via Split towards Dubrovnik, 35 km after you pass Split exit, leave the motorway in estanovac and drive through Zadvarje and Gornja Brela to Brela. Drive another 4 km towards Makarska, and take the local road to the right to go down to the sea-shore and Brela centre called Soline, then continue past the Maestral and Soline hotels in the direction Baska Voda (the next village), and take the sharp right turn after you have driven past the Studenac store on your right. If you get to the Berulia hotel or to Baska Voda, you have missed your righ turn and you have to go back 1 km.